About us

Coskun Fine Art specializes in Post-War and Contemporary Art and is Europe's leading dealer and authority in works by Andy Warhol, carrying a large inventory of unique and editioned prints, drawings and works on canvas.   Our inventory covers the entire span of Andy Warhol's career; from his early works such Marilyn Monroe, Campbell's Soup to unknown Warhols such as the Ladies and Gentlemen and Judy Garland .  As a specialist in Contemporary Art, Coskun Fine art also deals in works by blue chip names such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Roy Lichtenstein and Pablo Picasso to name a few.  

Established in 1996,  Coskun Fine Art was the first gallery in London to specialise in Andy Warhol with an extensive inventory which were predominantly acquired directly from the Artist's Foundation in New York.   In our dedication to Warhol and to his legacy, we were privileged with the screening of Warhol's  ‘Empire’ Courtesy of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburg.  In 2000, Coskun Fine Art  also partnered with the Musée Rodin in Paris to become their sole representative in the UK.  This close collaboration yielded multiple exhibitions showcasing the bronzes of Auguste Rodin in the gallery on loan from the museum. 

 With twenty four years of experience in the international art market, in 2017, we have launched Art Advisory Services in addition to our existing business. The aim of this service is to assist our clients with impartial advice when acquiring works privately, through galleries art fairs and auctions.  Making an informed decision whether or not to buy a work of art, checking the condition, verifying provenance and deciding on how much to pay requires professional experience and due diligence which is where we come in.  In addition, we will be offering Art Brokerage, Insurance Valuations, Valuations as part of our services as well as buying and bidding for clients at auction.   We take pride in providing advice to any serious buyer, seller, collector and those entering the market for the first time regardless of whether you are adding to your art collection or wish to resell.


A commitment to high standards in all aspects of the process of buying and selling artwork has been a hallmark of Coskun Fine Art  since its inception.  Putting clients' interests first is the driving force behind the gallery's long-standing success.