Richard Prince (b. 1949)


Richard Prince was born in the Panama Canal Zone in 1949 and currently lives and works in New York State.  After attending Nasson College in Maine, he moved to  New York City and had his first solo exhibition in Buffalo, New York in 1980.  Prince soon started a career in advertising, working in the tear-sheet department for Time-Life Magazine.  During this time he was exposed to the images that quickly became the vernacular for his artistic career.

Prince's work is characterized by the appropriation of everyday objects and imagery such as cancelled checks, basketball hoops, car hoods, and re-photographed images of the Marlboro man.  He is an avid book collector and his passion is evidenced in his work through his appropriation of text such as in his Joke paintings as well as in his use of the nurse images from the cover of pulp romance novels.

At auction, Prince's artwork consistently breaks the $1 million mark and his artwork is featured in museums around the globe.

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